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NEW..... Single ply roofing system                                          TECTOFIN installers in North east area

Tried and trusted on site


Many years of experience and a multitude of favourable properties have helped TECTOFIN RV become one of the most successful industry firsts in the last few years. Especially when used in new builds and for waterproofing large surface areas, this roofing membrane has proven its worth on site.

Please contact us for free quotation on installation on any roof requiring this product and we will be happy to advise and estimate for works to be carried out.
TECTOFIN RV will outlast all felt products on the market today by upto to 3 times
proven to last over 30yrs
10% discount for customers booking appointments through website for this fantastic product

TECTOFIN RV features the following properties:


High temperature and weather resistance Resistance to ozone and UV radiation


TECTOFIN waterproofing membranes are extremely tearproof


TECTOFIN membranes remain highly elastic andthus easily workable even at low temperatures They are suited for both hot-air and solvent welding The wide welding temperature range is very user-friendly


TECTOFIN roofing membranes are bitumen-resistant


TECTOFIN membranes are well suited for use undergreen roofs due to their resistance to plant roots and rhizomes (tested acc. to FLL guidelines)


TECTOFIN is recyclable


TECTOFIN membranes meet the requirements ofDIN V 20000-201. In addition,


TECTOFIN RVcomplies with DIN V 20000-202 TECTOFIN membranes meet the requirements of BBA

TECTOFIN RV is a homogeneous, fabric-backed
roofing membrane that features high robustness and
good workability.
Since TECTOFIN RV is equipped with a particularly
robust polyester fabric, it offers high stability and can
resist very high tensile forces. It comes factory-finished
with a fabric-free welding edge, thus facilitating reliable
welding of the membranes with each other.

TECTOFIN RV is suitable for all installation techniques.
It goes without saying that it has been CE certified.
TECTOFIN RV is available in
grey, titan grey and white.



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